The packing has begun!

July is almost here and John, Darcy and the children have started to look for Chuck! He is there I tell them but they haven't seen him! That is because he never left. His mind is always there as well as mine but our bodies are here in Florida.
The excitement is high for Rackson to see Father again and he tells us Father will be so happy with the progress of the Bible Way Malawi in Njuli. The church members are preparing for him also. It will be so nice to see them all again when I go!
Do you have room for chocolate chips? We have 30 Bibles and eye glasses and medical supplies and wingnuts and wire cutters and tools and and and. Chuck doesn't need clothes! There is always room for chocolate but we know Chuck can smell chocolate from afar, I am not sure they will make it. Elizabeth and Sarah promise chocolate chip cookies, maybe they will make it.
Here it is a hot summer of 100 degrees, 100 percent humidity and the start of hurricane season. Isn't Chuck the smart one. The temperature has been in the 70's in Malawi. How fast can I pack my bags????

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