News from Rackson

Dear pastor and the church

I hope God is very good to you and your church,

I take this opportunity to update you about (the) work here in Malawi,

God has been faithful to me and my family, and Grace she is back to school now and she able to win some girls to Jesus, I have a time to go for soul winning and pass out the gospel tracks and to say (tell) the truth is that, people here in Malawi are willing to hear the word of God not only to tell them about Jesus but to have time to train them how they can grow in spiritually, and to tell them how they can found (find) a Bible believer(believing) Baptist Church, I thank God that now with God’s Help the Good Samaritan Baptist Ministry we have that program to go to the villages to teach them there, this is not easy it takes much money for fuel, food, and etc, we need your Lots of prayers,

I have been doing soul winning in the different Villages this month I (was) able to Win 85 people to Jesus. Some of the villages is too hard to drive so I have to work (walk) to get there But I thank God for been Good to me some of the people they can’t able to work(walk) to gave the gospel because they have no legs but God Bless me much, I will save (serve) him with my all heart

I have been traveling with Brother Fullford our missionary to different Baptist churches here In Malawi to teach and preach the word of God.

Last week I was in Bwaila Bible Baptist Church I preached there, and on Wednesday I have two hours of soul winning in Bangwe where our Church Located I have good time there to see 9 people surrender there life to Christ is it Good to see the Church growing,

This week I was at Bible Way Baptist Church the church is growing good God is doing much to this church, now we have 340 members,

I thank you very much for your support and your prayers. The support you sent to me it helps me, my family and my ministry. Thank you very much,


I need your many prayers, please pray for me and my family

May God Bless you

Rackson, Grace, Rackson Jr, and Heath

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