Bible Way Njuli

Friends, I just got these pictures from Rackson and I wanted to get them to you. First let me say Rackson sends his love and thanks for your support in this project, the village was without clean water for several weeks and the chief (his name is doctor) very worried about his people, he was the first one who got saved in that village when Rackson and I presented the Gospel to him a few years back. He wanted the borehole (well) on the property of Bible Way Baptist Church if at all possible, you find water where you find water but told me no matter where the water was found that would be Bible Way Baptist's land. (the Chief is a good guy) we found water on church land and all was well for a while. As you all know there are a lot of poor (read have NOTHING) who live in Malawi and one night the thieves came and stole all the parts they could from the well rendering it useless.

Rackson called and told me and I e-mailed and told you and thank God many of you who know Rackson or know of him sent money to get the well repaired. I got the money to him as soon as I had enough ($600.00 +) and in no time things were happening. Thanks you and God bless you for what you have done.

The pictures tell the story and also give testimony of how they live in a village in Malawi.

Picture one is of Rackson's old truck with the new parts.

Picture two is workman laying out parts

Picture three is putting rods together, you can see the base of the well is for washing and drawing water Picture four is dropping rods for siphoning of the water Picture five is a gut standing on the well :) Picture six is Rackson overseeing the work (like he knows) Picture seven is running the last few rods Picture eight is, Glory to God, running water Picture ten is what was missing from last well, welding parts so they can't be removed

Rackson informs me that I have been calling the village Njuli and that is incorrect, Njuli is the region the village is call Doctor same as Chief's name, go figure.

Bible Way Baptist Church is in Njuli at Doctor just in case you plan to visit (if only)

Again thank you for your help and enjoy the pictures.

Because of the Cross.

Chuck Miller

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