Bible Classes have started!

For those who have had a hand in this ministry, this is the fruit of that support. For those who have been thinking about helping you can see how well and how needed your support and prayers will be used. Rackson was hoping for 30 students but as you can see he had to cut it off at 53.  God will bless both student and teacher. See attached schedule and pray for John Fullford and all his help, John is with Bible Baptist African Missions, his sending church is out of Fairbanks ,AK..  John has been a real blessing to me while I was in Malawi this past few months and he really is a supporter of Rackson along with Dave Mowery since he (Rackson) was forced to leave his prior ministry. By doing that (leaving) and becoming an Independent Baptist he gave up a lot of work but little support but is much happier doing the Lords work. I pray you will want to be a part of this ministry and see it grow. More later as I get reports from the front lines. BBAM is really doing a great job in Malawi with a real bible college, you should see the curriculum and helping local independent churches with bible studies, medical clinics and preaching and teaching at every opportunity, the only problem in this is there is not enough of him and his family to go around. So please pray for his health. Changes to Rackson’s letter are in red and I made them for clarity of reading.

Dear Dad,
The Bible Class will start on Thursday this week and this is not what I was planed (had planned on) because now i have 53 student and i said no more,  and i can not manage to take care all of them(food) my be i will just do this week for the money i have, I will have matting (meeting) with Dave today i think he will help me some with food so please praying for me, I spend 30,700 $102 for food and buy plates and Transport, but I cant be quiet this people they are hungry to learn the word of God, Hope Dave will help, i will come back to you for more.

Love you all

 See the schedule attachd
Your Son       
                                                BIBLE WAY BAPTIST MINISTRIES
                                              BIBLE STUDY SCHEDULE
                                                     15th /11/2012
9:00-9:30 am
Singing and prayer
John fullfold

Dave mowery
Prayer and go home.

Rackson Kaiwe
Bible Way Baptist Church
P.O.Box 5652 Limbe Malawi.
Phil 4:19

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