Report on work for Rain damage

Dear Dad,
here are the pictures for the work today at Njuli as I was again to visiting the members of Bible Way Baptist Church, who are affected by the food problem. Hope I will be ok when I preach to them in this Sunday, it is good for you to see your friend back to life again (When I was there in October we visited this man and I just knew we would be preaching a funeral for him but God saw better), but still needs more prayers and more support like we did when you was here. (we took food to the house about every three days and made sure the family members knew the food was for him and that they would have to prepare it for him).

Love you Dad and stay blessed.    
Rackson Kaiwe
Bible Way Baptist Ministries
Phil 4:19

Words in blue are my insert for clarification, Bro. Chuck Miller

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