Tuesday, September 25th

Well the day started off with bad news. No Safari trip! ahhhh! The rooms were all booked and the ones available were cost prohibitive. (200 dollars per person) The good news is that Chuck and Bobby will have an extra day or two in the villages and you know where Sheila will be. Savannah had a doctors appointment today and got weighed. She has gained 4 ounces in one week. There are rolls on those little legs. I am sorry the camera cord does not work on our camera so I will figure another way to send pictures.
Chuck spent most of the day at the immigration office applying for a work permit here in Malawi. Nothing is easy. Bobby spent the day in the villages where 195 people accepted Christ. Even a 95 year old woman.
Bro. Gentry is resting today and we are all praying for his speedy recovery because the long line of people still stop for advice and direction.
Chuck has been driving in Malawi. Have you heard of going on the wrong side of the road. Gripping the steering wheel is Chuck's favorite thing to do and screaming like a girl at the people on the bicycles and trucks coming at him.
We had nice dinner at the house to night. Frances I sure could have used your Mary b's. We have chicken and dumplings and fried green tomatoes. Chuck says umum good! Who is losing weight here. We topped it off with Blueberry cheescake ice cream.
The wind is blowing and it cooled it off a little. It is has been hot. Mike Shannenberger is working on 4 or 5 wells. The villages are very excited to see him. Hopefully in the next couple of days there may be a well at the new property at Monkey Bay.

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Susan Broughton said...

I'm so sorry you didn't get to go on the Safari. It sounds like you will be going back though...??? Does Chuck have firm plans for returning and will you be going with him? I cannot imagine him driving-he must really be feeling more comfortable there.

Sounds like you are able to make much better meals than we were. I am happy for you guys to have things easier. Is it because of the new markets?

Make sure you check for your airline tickets well in advance of your departure......ha ha ha!