News from Malawi and Rackson!

I received this e-mail from Rackson over the week-end and I wanted to keep everyone updated on the happenings in Malawi and how Rackson is doing now that he is back. I edited it a little so as to be better understood. One thing it doesn’t say but he told me when I called is that HE paid for the casket out of his pocket and the church and family paid for the food. That is the custom there that the family of the one who died pays for the food for all who attend. In Malawi a funeral is a big social event both for the family and the village. The child who was 5 years old died of Malaria, it killed her in two days, village children have no resistance to disease due to poor diets. Anyway Rackson has little support and yet he is willing to pay for a casket because Margret’s mother and father are members of Bible Way Church in Malawi. I would hope this touches your heart and you would like to help in the work. No amount is to small when the Lord is in the work. God bless and keep you.

Hie (Hi)Dad
Things is going good here but Last week Friday we GATT(had a) funnel(funeral) at Bible Way. a little Girl called Margret she died on Thursday and we have a funnel(funeral) service on Friday and many people come, and more than 600 got saved in that day,
and we have bean (been) praying for the land next to good Samaritan, and John tell me that God is answer our prayers to buy land next to us This is very good.
Things is very hard for soul winning now because we have more problem with Mazda so sometimes we can walk if Mazda is not (running) good,
But God is Good To me and My family and my Ministry,
I miss you Dad, Grace she is very Happy with the staff (stuff) i brought to her.

Your Son

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