Rainy season brings more Malaria

I received a phone call from Rackson this morning and thought I would pass it along. He called to tell me a little 8 year old girl from the village who attends Bible Way Baptist, her name is Maria died last night from Malaria, it is the rainy season in Malawi and this will happen over and over again. Her Mother is the lead singer in Bible Ways woman’s singing group and her father works as a cook at the Mapanga orphanage. Rackson got the call last night as he was having dinner with John Fullford the missionary who is handling the work there in country. He gave Rackson all the money needed for the coffin and the transportation and food for the funeral, John at best is poorly supported and I know this money came out of his personal account, what a blessing he is to the work. I pray often that God will bless him and his family. You can read about John in the Malawi newsletter that I send out every few months. What a work he is doing. Pray for me and pray for Bible Way Baptist Church in Malawi.

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