July 24th news from Malawi

Soul winning


Ladies choir

             Here is the latest pictures from Rackson and what is going on in Malawi and at Njuli. The boy (Rackson) is just plain busy for the Lord. I am going to try and take him some money so the choir and get some matching material to make uniforms. This is very important to them when they travel to another village to sing at a service or a wake. We all did this a few years ago but believe me if they have something new to wear they wear it always.  Most of you know I am going to Malawi this October/November the reason I know is I never stop talking about it. Some have most graciously partnered with me in this and I thank you for your support, I need more partners. I have my airline ticket money but sorely lack money to do the work once there, money or no money once there I will get the work done the Lord has laid on my heart. May God bless you as you have blessed me.   
waiting for transport
Dear Dad,
 Hope you are doing well with Mom, we have soul winning last Friday and it was very good, we was in four groups and we go in side of the village we was going door by door soul winning, and after soul winning then we have a church service in the same village, thank god 42 people got saved, We have wonderful church service today, but we take much time to wait for the transport because there was a traffic police, so not many transport coming by that way, as you know Malawi, I thank God to see many people come to church, and we are still praying to go to that village I told you in my last email, here are some pictures for you, say church hello to me (Say hello to Bible Way for me) Praying for you Dad and Mom,  And hope to see you Dad soon.

Rackson Kaiwe
Bible way Baptist Church
Phil 4:19 

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