Rackson getting ready for Dad to work!

I thought my son wanted me to come to visit and work with him in the ministry but as I look at this picture I am not sure I am up to it. It take a LOT of walking to hand out that many Gospel tracts plus the preaching, teaching and soul winning that is usual day to day work. I told him I would be there the first travel day after the 12th of October and gave him the choice of how long he can afford to keep me, 30 or 45 days my guess he will want to keep me 45 days unless it begins to cost him money then I am out of there, I know he is going to want to go present the Jesus Film but I don’t think there will be money for that this trip. I do plan, Lord willing to help plant a church I know he has two sites he has been working and the time might just be right so pray for that.

Rackson did have one request and maybe someone can accommodate him, I will highlight it.

Dad i have an idea about the Ministry registration, i was thinking if i can send it to you, and you and the pastor or someone else sign you tell me who because needs two of you, then you can come with it if God let you come again here, hope he will. (I have complied with this portion)
Dad, praying for ladies uniform for the funeral because we change the colour, so we can't use the GSM's colours any more.
As we are looking forward to have a conference this year. still praying for Jesus Film equipment. I like to go out for Jesus film like this time around, i know God he knows all of this, he is just wait for his time to be, Dad put this on your Praying list if you don't have one of this on it.
Still praying for you wonderful Dad and be blessed till we meet again.
Pal in Pace

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