Church Visitation!

What a blessing the van has been as it now allows the shut-ins to be visited. Again I thank you for your support to this work. Because of you many people who would might never have the Word have had and will have that opportunity. Enjoy. Rm 10:15

Dear Dad, Hope you are doing well with Mom.

We have a wonderful Lords day today, we have more people come to church, and after a service I and the women choir we went to another village called Chikuse,(This village is on the same road as Njuli and about 2 miles from the Church) where we have a visitation to the older people some of our members.

It was wonderful to visit this village, we didn’t take much time because everyone was tired and ready to go home, many people in this village need us to go again and have prayers, hope we will be back sometime next week but not Sunday. Today we just go because we needed to visit our older members in this village, everyone said hallo and miss you very much, we are praying for you.
Stay blessed.
Son Rackson Kaiwe
Bible Way Baptist Ministries
Phil 4:19

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