March 10th update

Dear Family and Supporters,
I pray the blessings of God be with you as they have been with us. As I have told you in e-mail past we were planning to have lessons on marriage to the people of church. At first 55 families had signed up. I was to hold the teaching on a Saturday which is a busy work day for most families in Njuli.
 We have the lessons today with the families at the church, the name of the lesson is (God’s design for marriage) it was very good, we have 44 families in attendance, it was so wonderful to see husbands and wives come to attend this lesson, we start at 9:00am and finish at 4:00pm the lunch was provided, I was able to do the teaching. I thanks all of you for your prayers and support. It is much work to do but knowing the blessings for this church people it is good to do. I will send some pictures for you. I will write more again this week.
We had many of the families come to church today it was a joyful service. I pray yours was good. I was thinking to send you a picture's but my camera I think it’s getting old and it doesn’t give me a good pictures any more. When I see them it looks dark.  Things are going very good here at both Njuli and Mbulumbuzi. God is still be with us and the members are doing their best to care for us. I send picture of Grace holding eggs we bought on the way from Church. I am looking ahead to September and so is Brother John because when you get here there is very much work to do. I think John will take Pastor to Tengani for a conference there but he will come to Njuli to help with our bible conference. We are working hard at Mbulumbuzi much work to do after the thieves took the roof poles. The new chairs were not in the church a member takes them home after each church.
God has blessed us much through are troubles and we see how good He is to his children.    
Rackson Kaiwe, Evangelist
Bible Way Baptist Ministries
Phil 4:19

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