Mozambique Report

Fellow workers in the vineyards, I am sending the latest Mozambique report from Rackson. This is the first training from Njuli. Rackson sent two men from the church and they spent two days teaching these people the Word of God. He did a survey trip about two weeks ago and it was decided that this work must be done.

He sent me a follow up e-mail with a request that he wanted to include in the report but forgot so I send it along as an addendum. It seems it was not only a long hard hot trip but the men had to sleep on the ground in a hut. I have sat on the ground in Malawi and I am telling you that I would not like to sleep on it. Everything that crawls also bites. Ugh!       

It is a real need and I need your help. There is enough money for about 6 trips to teach but this is an expense that was not planned for in the overall budget. Printing will also be a real burden. It is easy to lead a man to the Lord in Malawi but very difficult to disciple without printed material to leave with them. Again I need your help. No amount is too small when the Lord is in the work.
 Bro. Chuck 
Dear Dad, I forgot to write on the prayer letter that we are in need of camping tents, so that we can have a place to sleep when we go to Mozambique to teach, please Dad do as much as you can for this. Tents cost very much but I can buy one that will hold 6 Malawi men for $200.00 American.
Love you and God bless   
Rackson Kaiwe
Bible Way Baptist Ministries
Phil 4:19

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