July Report

Here is the July report from Rackson and some pictures that chronicle the report. Please keep him and the work of the ministry in your prayers. The conference is coming up in September and there are many things on his mind plus the everyday work that needs tending. The price of things have risen so fast that it is hard to stay ahead in getting a reliable cost quote. I will send a request soon for your consideration. Thank you and please read and view the pictures of the Mozambique work, very exciting to see that hand of God at work. 

July 3, 2015
Dear Supporters and Praying Friends,
Greetings from Malawi Africa in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and I pray you are all doing well in the Lord. I and my family we are doing well by His grace, God is still taking care us as He promised that He will never forsake us.

The Bible Way Baptist Ministries are going well; we have many things going on now, but I would like to share with you the trip I had to Mozambique last Sunday. I praise God we had a wonderful and successful trip, I drove to the River where the baptism service was to take place, it was a long walk to get there, it takes one and half hour walk to the river, not many people were able to accompanied us on that trek. 28 people were baptized (see pictures). I and the men who came with me from Njuli went back to the place where we have been teaching and observed the Lords Supper, but before the Lords supper I preached the Gospel to the many people who gathered, and 11 people come to the front to ask for salvation, PRAISE GOD!, then we proceeded with the Lords Supper and I started the trip back home around 16:30.
We thank you for your prayers and all the support you render to this Ministry.
Please keep on praying for BWBM I will be going again to Phalombe and Mozambique on 21st of July for two days, (just to give the men some time off), where I will be teaching a new lesson titled “Lessons for New Christian”, and showing a Jesus Film. I am praying for the funds to do this and more souls to be saved.
Njuli and Mbulumbuzi churches are going well, at Mbulumbuzi the church needs much and is working very hard. We are praying for the brick building that will be a great help to the people at Mbulumbuzi. I will have all the quotation for Mbulumbuzi Church building and will send you a report of my findings.
    Thanks for the camping tents and all the blessings and prayers, God will bless you much. Thank You and God Bless Rackson Kaiwe

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