The Monday trek!

Monday will be trip number 2! Chuck and Rackson will head to Lilongwe to the Embassy. Chuck tells me there is nothing like being on U.S soil even in Malawi! All the years of being on ship in the Navy and different ports all over the world gives your heart good when you step on American soil and see that U.S. Flag.
Chuck has quizzed and quizzed Rackson to help with the nerves! Rackson wants so much to come to the States! The trip to the United States will mean time with Pastor Bill learning about the Old Testament. How does the Old Testament tie into the New Testament. Visiting Pastors come to Malawi with a lot of Old Testament teaching. Rackson will also travel with Chuck to visit churches to present and update the works in Malawi.
The week has been busy with preparing for more visitors! I hear they are excited to work! Lots of Souls to tell about Jesus!

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