Off to Lilongwe on Monday!

Rackson has all his paperwork, that is till the Embassy says different. Monday early Chuck and Rackson will head to Lilongwe to get Rackson's papers to come to the States. I see excitement!
The past week has been very busy with little time to play. Chuck has been helping Bro. Mark Logan with the preaching, John Fullford has helped also, and lots to do with all the National Pastors and families at the Mapangua campus. Chuck arrives at the house and heads to his bed and collapses to be ready for the next day. The excitement of what is happening is a blessing for him!

Chuck has had time to help the girls do the dishes and show the girls the Monk side of him. He has also been polishing the sink in Malawi. There is still a spot (water drip) in the sink at home that will have to wait for him. Only Chuck can polish a sink!
The blessing of having a recording of the Sunday service before he left has been wonderful. Bro. Danny Cook sang a song "Pray for me and I Pray for You" has a special meaning for Chuck. Lots of prayers are going out both ways and lots of prayers are being felt in Malawi! Chuck also listens to the Pastors sermon and this time he can fall asleep without getting caught(you just did). Sitting in the front row does not permit your head to drop. The recording gives him comfort of home! Thank you all for your prayers!

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