news from Chuck August 1st

For those of you who know Chuck, I have kept the kitchen sink polished and the rug at the front door turned just so and the list he has written is being checked off. He is funny! Don't tell him but the sink has a spot.
Saturdays are full! Today was spent soul winning then back to the college. The young people are attending a Bible College and Chuck will spend an hour teaching. The children are our future and they are growing physically as well as spiritually.
The truck is running again. The crank shaft went the other day, then looking for parts was an all day job. Then another part broke. I think Chuck is spending more on parts than on petrol to run it. Which has delayed him going out to the villages to help the churches. January and February Chuck did a survey, a fact finding, of the churches and what their needs are. The month of August along with Bro. Logan will be helping to build these churches to make them stronger in Scripture. Stronger also so the nationals can go out to their villages and tell others about Jesus.

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