Friday October 5th. Every day is Soul Winning!

death march aka hill
someone has a camera!

village receiving roof 
Roofing material
This was a fantastic day, up early and got shaved and showered and had a very unique breakfast, Liz did pancakes with an egg in the center of the batter. We ate very fast as Escom was off and we did not have it till well after wisdom search and we needed to be in Limbe at 0800 to pick up money for steel roofing that was needed for churches in Benini area.  We got all that done and was home in time to pick up the students from class and head out to Benini for the death march.  We got there and were surrounded by the kids and a few adults. We got the roofing unloaded and it was time for Soul winning. I always pray for just one soul but today God was good to us and over 30 people professed Christ as their Lord & Savior. I went with Harry and Nelson was our translator. The first group I spoke to was about 13 woman and a few young children. After I made introduction I could see they were hungry for the Word so for the next 40 minutes I took them from Genesis and the fall to the Cross and then down the Roman  Road  and closed with eternal security in the Lord. The more excited they got the more excited I got and what a joy to see in their eyes and hear in their voices the confession of Christ. It was also a joy to listen to Harry lead a large group to the Lord.  We passed out hundreds of tracts and many, many John/Romans to those adults who professed Christ. We were out only a little over 90 minutes before we had to head back home before dark (1730) and prepare for med clinic Sunday. We took inventory of supplies and will buy what we need tomorrow and have everything packed up and ready to go. I will let you know how that goes in next installment to the blog.

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