Soul Winning Friday October 12th

Looks like Babe (pregnant Dog) got bit by a snake don’t know what kind but it got her in the eye, I had a look and have Liz applying a hot compress and we will see what happens.

The church we visited that was only a pile of bricks, that is the church you see in these pictures. We visited today for measurements for a steel roof. before and after pictures. The rest of the pictures are of us getting ready for soul winning and our return after two and a half hours in the village. You can see John and Steve with a church member and also of Nelson, Harry and myself getting ready to head out. When we got back we found the kingdom had increased by more than 75 souls and many more heard the gospel preached and hundreds of tracts were passed out. John/Romans were given to all who professed the Lord as their Saviour, so we came back with empty back packs, praise the Lord. I am telling you it works, when you plan a soul winning day, we started praying when we first got up and prayed all during the day that God would send His Spirit  ahead of us and touch the hearts of the ones who would hear us. We asked for God to give us just one soul today, it can’t be done without God; all we are is a poor sinner telling another sinner what we did to get saved, it is all in the book. I will be sad to leave this place. There is so much to be done and so little time. One of the woman that John brought to the Lord has a very bad open wound on her foot/leg, so bad that John and I will leave at 0600 to drive back to the village and bring some treatment for her. Please pray for us and her. More later from Malawi 

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