Church Update

Bro. Chuck

Dear Dad and Mom
we have a wonderful Church today four family's come to join today, 3 people get saved, we will have a Baptism on 16th Church is still growing. we closed the Bible study for a month due to the rain, it have been rain much.
God is blessing us.
we will be going again to Mbulumbuzi for soul winning and to talk to the T/A on Friday the payment of the land has not yet done, the T/A advised us to pay when he was around so that he can sign our papers. I have everything ready for the Land waiting as soon as the T/A call me this week then we will be on the Road to Mbulumbuzi, I am very Happy that soon I will be back to the villages to show Jesus Film.
My family and the Church is praying for you, and waiting to see you soon.


Rackson Kaiwe
Bible Way Baptist Ministries
Phil 4:19

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