New Church

As many know Bible Way has been raising funds for the land in Malawi to build a church in the village of Mbulumbuzi which is near Njuli where Rackson has an Independent Baptist Church. Bible Way Njuli has been visiting the area village for a long time and when I was last there the Chief allowed that she would like a Baptist church in the village. We spent several days soul winning and now have the core of a new church. Members of Bible Way Milton felt the need to help with this program and in less than a month contributed $2,900 which was well over the $1,700 required for the 2.5 acres available. What a blessing to all. I am sending a picture of our motivational poster. God is good always. The money has been forwarded to Rackson and the meeting is scheduled with the land owner tomorrow. The money above the land price will be used in the construction of a very useful pole church with thatch roof and cane sides and will last about a year while construction of a permanent  building will take place and the soul winning ministry that Rackson is also involved in and is his prime drive, a drive that is to see many souls won to the Lord among his people. Rackson thinks of nothing else and when the funds are not there he spends his support money to visit nearby villages and preach the Gospel. I have sent him the last piece of equipment (projector) needed to present the “Jesus Film” which is very successful in leading people to the Lord. He thanks all the supporters here on behalf of Njuli. It will be a blessing to all of us here and I cannot wait to hear/see the reports he will be sending of the power of the Word.

To all of you who made this possible all I can say is thank you. I do not have the words to express what is in our heart. Chuck & Sheila

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