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These are the pictures of the baptism that took place at Njuli and the letter that accompanied them, I read it at church last night but thought you might also enjoy rereading it. So glad the well works but now to fix the baptistery.  It is the rainy season and the place sure looks green. I will send the pictures of the Lord's supper service in next post. Enjoy and as in the letter thanks for your care and support.
 Bro. Chuck

It was a wonderful today at the church, where we have a baptism and a Lord supper; I thank God for being faithful to us.
We went to a river where the baptism take place, because our church baptistery it has a leakage, so we went to a river, the water looks dirty because of the rain, 32 people were baptized, I couldn't baptize all this people by myself due to the time, so I ask brother Collins to help, after there we went back to church where we proceed a Lord supper service.
Please pray for us as we are looking a hand of God to do miracle to us, we need Lord Supper trays, good PA system and speakers for a Jesus Film, fuel to drive to the new work at Mbulumbuzi two times a week.
Thank you very much for your prayers and support you lender(render) in this ministry, God bless your church and your families.
Yours in Christ

Evangelist Rackson Kaiwe
Bible  Way Baptist Ministries


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