Friday Sept 26th

 What a wonderful day, better said a day full of wonder. We loaded up the van with people, tracts and our bibles and left a little earlier (1pm till 4pm) than planned because the clouds covered the sun and we could hit the villages sooner and not have Rackson worry about me dying in Malawi. It was still very warm and I still got red on all the white parts. I took lots of pictures but with this slow plug in hot spot I am using I cannot send pictures as it would take ALL day and then some so you will have to see Sheila’s FB page and later the blog. As you know we prayed the Lord give us one soul today but as you also know our God is big. Our mission was three fold we wanted to visit and encourage the church members, pass out tracts inviting people to church Sunday and to soul win. We broke into three teams and had an appointed time to meet back at the van so off we went. I was with Rackson, my grandson Wyatt and Collins who is a deacon at Njuli. We were in the village no more than five minutes and we came across a man and his wife sitting under a tree in the shade. We greeted them and Rackson made introductions and the man asked if we had any words about God, we did and as I began to preach others stopped by and took a seat. I had the opportunity to spend about 40 minutes telling them the Gospel of the Christ that died for their sins. When I was done and made an invitation seven souls left the devils kingdom and accepted Jesus. What a wonderful start. We went to many homes and were received warmly. Wyatt was a kid magnet, after about two hours he looked like a rock star with a great following. We were challenged by muslims at a well we were by saying Jesus was not the Son of God as Mary & Joseph were his parents, this was right up Rackson’s alley as he speaks the language. After about 15 minutes and much page turning in the bible they agreed to come to Bible Way Mbulumbuzi Sunday to learn more. If asked, where will you spend eternity if you died today a muslim will not have an answer and when we tell them we have the answer they become interested. It was getting late in the afternoon and we were to meet at the van which we did after walking through the trade center handing out tracts and telling people we were Baptist and inviting them to church we got to the van as the other two teams were just getting there. We exchanged what blessings the Lord had provided and learned that 10 people had accepted the Lord. It was a great day all in all with 17 souls being added to the kingdom, many visits with encouragements and hundreds of Gospel tracts handed out. Everyone was tired but jubilant and very hungry. Sheila and Grace and a new oven worked a little miracle while we were gone. We got home well after dark and were welcomed to very much spaghetti with meat (don’t ask, don’t tell) sauce, tea and cookies with Sobo to drink. A wonderful way to end the day. Had a hot shower and am ready for bed and a new day the Lord will provide. More next time, love and miss you all.
 Because of the Cross,
 Bro. Chuck

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