Sunday Sept 28th

Our first Sunday in Malawi and a chance to worship at Njuli. We had a very good breakfast, Sheila showed Grace how to make omelets with cheese, onions, tomatoes and what-what. We also have sausage and toast with Sobo to drink. I told Rackson long before we got here I was to have not less than two cups of coffee every morning and so far we have. What a good son. We left the house at 0930 for the drive to Njuli, Rackson took us the short way because of mom’s back being a little tender still. We arrived as they were having opening prayer. We took our seats and the morning bible lesson was soon to be presented. Darcy Fullford, Sarah Sjoblom and Harry Schenimann were attending and that was a real treat to have them there. Bro. John Fullford injured his back yesterday after we left from lunch and was not able to attend. Please pray for him. There was a change in schedule because Harry Schenimann was visiting he was asked to give the lesson. He brought a great lesson on hope in Jesus and spent time in Acts 16 and the conversion of the jailer. It was well received. The gong rang and the kids class was brought back in the main church and we were off for a songfest. Bible Way has five choir’s and they all had two songs. WHAT A JOY to sit and listen to their voices being lifted up in song to God. After sons it was time for offering of which there two. We had a full house so that took time and I was getting a little antsy as time was running right along. Service is from 10-12 noon and is was 11:20 already. I was ready to stand but it was time for announcements and there were many and around 1140 it was time for the man of God too bring the lesson, when I found out that was me I got up along with Rackson and delivered the message God laid on my heart. Text was taken from the book of Matthew and included the “Great Commandment”, “The Great Commission” and the “Great Invitation”  all in concert with John 3-16. At 1230 I turned it over to Rackson to make the invitation. It goes better if done without translation. Now comes the part that shows the power of the Word and not the power of the preacher because I know the vessel (me) but I also know the potter. Many people came forward with burdens of the heart and gave them to the Lord, they understood “come unto me” some came to join with the church and Praise God Sheila’s grandson Wyatt came forward to except the Lord as his Saviour, oh what joy at the answering to our prayers. After shaking many, many, many hands we were allowed to leave and come home. Wyatt is OC over clean hands a lot like me but we made it till we got home and found the soap and hot water. Please pray for Wyatt as his life is just beginning in the Lord and he will face many obstacles from family and old friends. He made a bold move and is very glad. Sheila has finally stopped crying and smiling and crying, boy do grandmas like grandchildren. I must admit I got a little damp around the eyes myself as I looked over as he handed me the camera and dropped to his knees. It was then as I knelt by him he confessed his belief and need of Jesus. What a blessing, what a blessing. More later.
 Because of the cross,
 Bro. Chuck           

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