Heath waiting to leave for school

Thursday the 25th and all is well, no water this morning but we had electricity so we enjoyed a very good breakfast. Yesterday was a good day as we had much time for study and preparation for the upcoming events. We went to Bro. John’s for mid-week service, it was very enjoyable having the two families together. Bro. John always does a top notch  job in presenting the Word. We had fellowship for a while after service and had a cold drink before coming home at sun down. Grace fixed a great meal of rice and beef gravy. Today is a work day around the house because tomorrow we get up early and head out for soul winning and visitation in Mbulumbuzi. The Church there is doing well and Rackson says we have had a lot of visitors over the weeks, I love visitors but what we need is members. What they do is go to their church and then come visit Bible Way because they like the teaching, we’ll see how this goes. This has been an easy few days. Rackson has planned it that way but it is about to come to an end as far as easy goes. We just got back from town doing shopping for things we will need for church and conference. We went to the Malawi bible society to buy two boxes of KJV bibles printed in their language. I had obligated money for two boxes of 20 each at $120.00 per, the price went up from 120 to $200.00 a box so we bought one, I am heartbroken but God will not let us go without the bibles needed He will show us where we can save on something else. We have the next four Sundays planned and the start of the bible conference that is to follow. Sheila will be here for the conference and then her time will be up and she and Wyatt will head back to Florida.  I think Sheila has posted pictures on facebook till she gets the blog up and running. I will update by e-mail till then. Love and miss you all.
Please pray the Holy Spirit goes before us and that one soul can be lead to the Lord.
 Because of the Cross,
 Bro. Chuck 

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