Greetings from Malawi

Greetings from Malawi. We now have internet and phone service and Sheila will start the blog back up in a day or two. We arrived on time and in poor shape noon Monday. It was a very long flight from NY to Johannesburg, 15 hours nonstop with a 45 minute lay over and then a 4 hour flight to Blantyre, Malawi followed by a very long drive from the airport to Rackson’s home. It was a good flight and we lost nothing and all bags got here when we did. Service workers in NY have three hands and they use all of them. Two to do the work and one for the tips. Even the complimentary breakfast cost 15 bucks. I see why people move south from NY why would you live there if you didn’t have to. I also noticed the NY airport TSA like to touch. To those who say don’t be so hard on NY I ask “why are you here and not there” but believe me, enough about NY already. We went to bed early and we were up at 0530 and had  morning coffee and started the day with prayer and bible study. We did some food shopping and  picked up some needed comfort items exchanged money, visited Mr. Patel and was brought up to speed on the happenings in Blantyre as he knows everyone or almost. Grace fixed us a wonderful noon meal of Nsima and beef relish, boiled potatoes, cheese, hard boiled eggs. Breakfast was traditional American, eggs, bacon, toast and juice. Rackson and I spent much time in planning what was to be done in the bible conference, he has a very good plan and we are filling slots with lessons and teachers. We learned a lot from last year both of what works and what did not do so well. John Fullford got home early from Tengani and we went to see him and catch up on fellowship, he will be helping with the conference, that will be a blessing to all of us. John is an excellent teacher and preacher. Thursday Harry will come down from Monkey Bay area where he is overseeing the construction of a church building. He will be here about 15 more days and then go back home in Henderson, NC. He is building a church very much like we have in Njuli. Rackson was telling me this after that Bible Way Baptist Church, Njuli is one of the largest churches in the area of Blantyre. God has blessed us richly this past two years and I see many more blessing He has to offer His children. We will get a group together Thursday from BWB in Njuli and from Mbulumbuzi along with John and his family and spend the day soul winning and visitation in the Mbulumbuzi area. Rackson is making plans on where I will be preaching for the next few weeks and several churches have asked we come and visit them but he says I need to be at Njuli and at the new church and if I have time then we will see about visiting other churches. Sheila and Grace are just what you would expect of a mother daughter team, they have the house and kitchen in some kind of order and love chatting about whatever. Jet-lag is still in charge and I am going to shower while the water is hot and go to bed. I cannot put in words how I feel about being back here but it is a blessing and I thank all of you for the prayer and the support. God is planning a mighty work here and I want to help in any small way I can.
 Because of the cross

Bro. Chuck

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