Saturday Sept 27th

I only thought yesterday was great but I think today was even better. But first a little story that's overdue because I am old and forget. When Rackson and family met us at the airport the first thing I noticed when I got in the van was the front passenger windshield side was all cracked like a spider web. I asked Rackson what happened and he seemed reticence to answer. Upon a little fatherly prompting he told this story. A few weeks ago he and Grace were returning from church visitation, it was late and dark. It gets dark here at 5:30 pm. they were at a stop light and a man opened the door on the side Grace was seated  and tried to pull her out. Thank God she had her seatbelt on and the man could not get her out. When the shock lifted from Rackson he gunned the motor and hit the guy knocking him into the windshield. They went to the police and found out that is what carjackers are doing, pull the wife out and the husband will jump out and go to her aid and another man will jump in the car and drive off. I like to be home before dark thank you.

Now back to today. We went to John and Darcy’s home for lunch as Harry was there from Monkey Bay and told us all about the work there and how the building is coming along. After the meal and good fellowship we invited all to join us in Saturday church service in a nearby village, nearby is a term used so people will go with them someplace. Sarah (John’s daughter) and Harry came with us to a village down the road just a few miles from Njuli then we turned off the blacktop to the dirt road and using the word road is a real injustice to the word road for several miles of rocks and ruts and bone jarring bumps. We got to the home where the service was being held. The village name was Zalengela, I do not know how they find these places. We had a fair size group and we were welcomed warmly. After prayers, singing, introduction and more songs it was time for the preacher. I preached a short message on the “Great Invitation” from Matthew. When I was finished Rackson made an invitation and 11 people answered the Lords call. There was much rejoicing and singing while the 11 were taken aside and more fully taught Gods word. All who were present were invited to Bible Study and worship at Njuli tomorrow, hope we will see some of them. It was a wonderful day full of blessings, Bro. John offered us a large box of John/Romans and a box of bibles, how do you explain that except God? We are in the process of setting the agenda for the conference. John said he will come back from Tengani to help. He will take the 3 hours in the mornings and I will take the 3 hours in the afternoon when everyone wants to take a nap. We will tag team them in the evenings. John will be teaching on the Church and the responsibilities of the members and I will be teaching on the Holy Spirit (thanks Pastor). We will have a generator so I will be able to use PowerPoint, that will keep them awake….maybe. I am so looking forward to tomorrow and worshiping with Njuli I can’t wait. I was going to say I might not be able to sleep but that would be a big fat lie. Just finished a very good chicken dinner and a small bowl of ice cream so I am off to bed. God bless and good night.
 Because of the cross,
 Bro. Chuck

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