Sunday November 10th, 2013

Njuli, Malawi C. Africa
What a glorious Sunday morning, a day set aside to worship the one true living God and to be with the household of faith.
The church building was as clean as a pin and again as always the singing and prayers were beautiful. I have found you don’t need to understand the words of a song to know someone is singing to the Lord making a joyful noise.
The mood was a little subdued but the comments and announcements were upbeat and the prayers on my behalf were heart felt and both the congregation and I were a little sad my visit had come to an end for this year. Great expectations for next visit, they have set them high.

Rackson finished the 5th chapter of Galatians keying in on the fruit of the Spirit, it was very uplifting to sit there and see the looks of pleasure on the faces of the people, they love to hear about God’s love for them and the hope they find in His Word.
As I had told them last week that I was going to pray with them instead of preach to them this week and that is what I tried to do. We briefly touched on the prayer of Jabez and how many of our prayers are for physical needs and things we need or want as compared to prayer that dwells on prayers for the Spiritual blessings God pours out on us daily. We spent the remainder of the time on Psalm 23 and the blessing of a personal Shepherd, the lack of wants, the rest provided, the coolness and safety of still waters and the wiping away of all tears (Rev. 7:17), healing of my soul, bring light to the valley of the shadow of death and removing that fear as He overcame death, for leading me, for anointing me, feeding me, blessing me all the days of my life and while I worry about my house here on earth HE has prepared a home for me in heaven forever. And that is the tip of the iceberg when praying about your spiritual blessing but they got the point and so did I.
After standing in the door and shaking many, many hands the service was brought to a close and I and the Family came home. A sad but beautiful day the Lord had given me. See you all soon the Lord willing.

Because of the Cross, Bro. Chuck                                 

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