Sunday November 3, 2013

Malawi C. Africa
BWBM, Njuli

If days get better than this I am not sure I want to be there ‘cause this one is one for the books.
Church started right on time with Bible study, Rackson presented a fine, fine lesson from Galatians 5:16-20. I do believe he got us all. I hope next week we get to the fruit of the Spirit, I like a happy ending.

Prior to preaching there was announced there would be a special event by some of the younger members of the congregation little did I know what was coming. Rackson Jr. sits just in front of me and when youth director Patel (first or last?) stood up so did Jr.  and another young girl a Miss Bosco. They stepped up on the platform where Jr. recited the 23 Psalm from memory and Miss Bosco recited various passages from Ecclesiastes and from the first chapter of John. When they were done there was much clapping and shouting and that noise only the women can make with their tongues, unbelievable is all I can say.   

After a few special songs by our groups the Church Choir with their new uniforms gave us 3 songs, the singing sounded much better with the new uniforms I think.  It has long been the wish to have new uniforms and now Bible Way Baptist Ministries have their colors, soft blue and white so on special occasions such as funerals (a BIG deal here), visiting other churches to sing, special meetings and Sunday service Bible Way Njuli will be recognized.

By now it was time for the offerings to be taken so the choir had another opportunity to sing. Rackson took this time to make announcements and recognize visitors. The village Chief (Chief Doctor) was introduced and given time for comments. He had very much to say about BWBM and how much impact it has on the village. It was so glowing that even I got a little embarrassed. The Chief introduced his boss the Village Headman (he has many villages he is responsible for) and the first thing he commented on was the amount of children in church (about 60) and how that is a testimony for the parents as the village will do better with children going to church instead of hanging out at the market place. He complimented the church on the building and said he had never been in a church like Bible Way.

Rackson continued and I believed he gave thanks to everyone starting with from Adam to Zelda for the success of the Bible Conference, by this time I was in coma. After a few more songs and special music the “man of God” was given time to bring the massage, we were already an hour past regular time of dismissal but is was a special Sunday with dinner on the grounds and we had many visitors so I preached to them “What Shall Be His Name” from Isaiah 9:6 and we covered those five names. At the invitation many came forward, some to confess Jesus as Lord for the first time, some to repent and to ask for the prayers of the church and some to place membership. It was a great day to be in Christ.

The last goat had been butchered and dinner was on. I told Grace I could not eat goat one more time so she made me pasta and tomato sauce with beef? So she said and a banana fritter.  After about 90 minutes of fellowship and a thousand pictures of the choir and family pictures of the church leaders it was time to call it a day. Church was from 10-4:00 p.m. and it was a long day and I was very tired and in need of a bath. God is good and when we got home and unpacked the water was hot and flowing and the lights were working and I cleaned up and after recounting the blessing of this day and going to bed.  Next week is travel north to Monkey bay to see Joseph and his work and then down to Nsanji to check on the work for John Fullford’s ministry-more adventures later.

Because of the Cross,
 Bro. Chuck     

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