The preparation for the Bible Way Conference

Here is a message from Chuck today and it looks like they are going to be very busy starting tomorrow or Friday through Sunday.  The Bible Way Njuli conference begins and the church is busy preparing as you will see.  Please pray for the church and the leaders for God’s presence. The time difference in Malawi is 7 hours ahead.   Thank you! Dusty’s wife in Pace  

Rackson came home with a lorry full of cabbage, onions, tomatoes and cooking utensils for tomorrow and early we pick up the 4 goats and heaven only knows how many chickens. He says the church was full when he got there this afternoon, told the people it meeting was tomorrow, it was most of the church that turned out to clean and to practice singing and to do anything that was needed to make this first annual meeting the best anyone could remember.  Rackson says we will have good attendance but to stand by for Sunday it should be standing room only, I hope so.What a great chance to preach to a lot of lost souls. On Saturday Joseph will be teaching the young adults on Christian Morals. Mrs. Goodman on the women’s responsibility at home and in church. I will be teaching on God’s mercy and Loving Kindness (thank you pastor) for 4 hours and then preach that night. Tomorrow night I preach and the topic is “it is water plain and simple” the woman at the well, these people will understand living water if anyone will. After being gone all day shopping for tomorrow and the week-end Grace cooked a great meal, had cucumbers and mayo with sauce of some kind and it was really good. Didn’t get any nsima as the brothers made it so she fixed me a pasta with meat sauce  and lots of peppers it was so good. Rackson said he got a text from you and how you thanked Grace but nothing about him, I said you love Grace but only like him, he wasn’t buying that for a minute. Well it is 8:30pm and I am ready for bed.

Dusty but clean

Pal in Pace

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