Wednesday November 6th, 2013

Blantyre, Malawi C. Africa

Some things that happen in Malawi are funny and some not so funny; this one depends on what side of the door you are on.

I have not been feeling well the past few days as I have been coming down with a cold. A cold is not fun in Pace, Fl so you can guess how much fun it is here in Malawi. Anyway I have been having night sweats due to fever. A few days ago I told Grace I needed a wash cloth, she did not have any she thought I would like to use so she had Rackson buy new.

She gave me the new wash cloths the other day and I have been using them in the morning when I get up sometimes in the shower and sometimes as I bucket wash. While not feeling well I have been paying attention to all my functions as Sheila mentioned parasites like I needed that to worry about. Anyway I had noticed in the morning that I thought I was looking a little yellow around my eyes and my face in general. It went away and then I noticed it again today as I was feeling sort of poorly. To tell the truth I was a little fearful as back in the late 60’s I had Hepatitis and thought I was a goner, spent a loooong time in the Navy Hospital San Diego. I had that same yellow skin cast.

What is the funny part you may be asking? As I was showering this evening I watched in great joy as I was wringing out the soap from my wash cloth how yellow it was. It was a cheap cloth from Patel’s that Rackson bought and the dye was being washed out in each use, now I know why on some days I was turning orange.

If I live through the mystery meat, fever, goat teeth in my food, the thought of parasites and now yellow dye on my wash cloth. I will be home soon and maybe I will have some stories to tell. Some might even be true. Tomorrow bible study at Njuli.

Till later, be good and be safe.

Because of the Cross

Bro. Dusty Miller

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