Good morning America what a joy to wake up to God’s music, the birds are singing the sounds of Malawi soon overtaken with the noise of men.   It is so nice to lay in the quiet of the morning and talk to God about what he has prepared for us this day.   Then walk into the living room greeted by the Fullford family for morning devotions.  Prayer, signing, scripture and signing praise to God through his Psalms then sit down for a wonderful breakfast and have fellowship with those of like precious faith.   I will be teaching the second lesson on the church at 8 till 11 am.   Today you will see John off to the market with Elizabeth, and Darcy teaching a ladies class and Jonathon home schooling and chores around the house.   I will meet with Rackson to make plans to visit Good Samaritan Ministries.  I have had a few visitors from Good Samaritan, who express their gladness I am back and want me to visit. I will send more later.

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