Looks like I can get email here, we went shopping this morning and I got a few things I needed. Rackson came, boy was he excited. We plan to get a lot of things done together. I feel much better today after a good night’s sleep I thought I would freeze to death boy it got cold in the night, I will put an extra blanket on the bed tonight. I start class this coming Monday and teach 90 minutes a class then John has a class and then I go back on, I am not restricted to teaching a whole lesson in 90 minutes as I  think it is better that they get it even if I have to go way slow. So it should take just a few weeks and I will be done with the college, maybe John will let me do more. Plan to go to Njuli this Sunday. Still have bible worship every morning here. John will exchange my money and get me the best it is up to 300K per dollar  but everything is much higher now with the new money. I am sore all over from sitting so much then killing myself trying to lug all the stuff on and off the planes. I will be going south on Saturday to Shire Valley area where they plan to move next year Rackson will hunt down my lost bag, it was all his stuff. I will call later if time permits. You will be coming next time. Sir Charles  

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