Monday 27, August 2012

After a wonderful and fulfilling Sunday it is now back to the less exciting but certainly important work of teaching the Word of God to students who are enthusiastic to learn. I am on lesson five of seven and it has been almost two weeks. I guess it will be a little longer to present these lessons than I had planned on, time is not an issue here but understanding is. We have covered the church as the Body of Christ; Christ is the Head of that Body. Positions in the church and gifts of Spirit to all the members, how love will define a church, The roll of the Pastor in the local church and today’s lesson on the responsibility of giving as God has prospered.

This morning we had both Escom and water and now we have nether but the sun is up and bright so it is of no consequence. Liz fixed breakfast and it was a homemade bagel with cheese, egg and ham it was so good even the clown would have been proud. I am not sure what the Lord has planned for this afternoon but it is sure to be an adventure, everyday is. What a joy to talk with the Pastor yesterday, boy Skype is nice when you have Escom.

Lunch was on your own, I have crackers and chicken salad fruit and water, we were about done when the Escom came back so Liz fixed a nice slice of zucchini bread with soft butter boy how good does it get. This afternoon one of the students will be selected to preach for the first time, a five minute lesson with an outline to be provided to the instructor (John) I will be setting in just to be there.

I have decided that doing more than one lesson and then testing is not for these students, they need a test for every lesson , not a problem as I can write a fairly even test that truly lets me know what they have learned and yet not wash them out. John has set the standard of 70% s passing but requires the student to look up the correct answer so they in essence know all the answers.

Going for a walk with Liz and Jonathan this afternoon just to see what animals we can see, I know we will see lots of , Maybe I‘ll bring a camera.Till next , time Charles of Africa

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