Wednesday 29th

This was an interesting day as it started so nice, water and Escom, time enough for coffee and a false belief it would last. John was up early about 0430 getting ready to leave for Nsanje with Bro. Dave at 0600. It was not long after that that the power and water were off; breakfast was cold cereal and hard boiled eggs with bread and butter or jam. We had a good wisdom search devotional and I lead singing which was great as I have Van Gogh’s ear for music but we got past that part.

Class commenced at 0800 right on time and we finished up where we left off yesterday. Had a test and called it a day at 1130. Beings how John was gone there was no afternoon classes which was fine with  me as I had Wednesday night bible study and needed the time.

John called late and said he arrived and was getting things going and will spend the night there and come home late Thursday, better Dave than me. Dinner was outstanding, we were expecting several families to visit but I think they found out I was the “special speaker”. They missed cold sliced roast beef, Cucumbers in a white sauce, fresh salad hot rolls and all the trimmings followed by chocolate cake and hot coffee. I had all I could eat, waited 2 hours and took my blood sugar, guess I had better be good tomorrow.  

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