Soul Winning Saturday

Saturday 25, 2012

Saturday in Malawi is not as in America, there is no sound of people getting ready for the weekend chores, with the exception of Sunday all days are the same, business as usual. I was up at 0515 and because of the light on the computer I knew we had Escom, the next question is do we have water? We do  after putting on the coffee I took a quick shower with hot water and had a nice shave, with hot water and started planning the day leaving the hard part up to the Lord. It is my intention to go soul winning at Njuli in preparation for Sunday, I challenged the members last Sunday for each to bring a guest,  going through the village will help and I know the Lord will prepare some hearts to hear the Word for the first time and with much expatiation confess the Lord as their Saviour.

We are to meet outside the gate of the compound and we will all board the lorry(ugh) and head off, starting time 0900 Malawi time (+/- 30minutes). I will take along besides tracts and a bible, water, beef jerky, energy bars and  hope Rackson can carry all that he thinks I am an old man. You know the kid might be right. And as planned nothing goes as, went to town to pick up the SUV it was ready; I had the pleasure of driving back as John was driving the lorry.
We started out for Njuli about 10:00 it was wonderful to be doing my first love, we visited about a dozen church families and about 3 times that many non members. Something new is happening around Njuli, because of the new road construction there are many new laborers in the village and so we stopped and visited and invited them to church tomorrow. It was hard going but it all came back to me and I was on my game with son Rackson. The one family with the baby on the mother’s lap with me sitting on a long bench, they under the teaching of Rackson came to the Lord, I prayed this morning for the Lord to give us just one soul to save.
It was hot and dirty but what a blessing. Came home and took a cool shower and some hot food and time to relax with the good book and plan for tomorrow, I am teaching and Rackson is Preaching.

The first two hours of the day are the busiest with showers, dressing and morning bible reading and prayer then “wisdom search” (devotion)with the family and then the treat of the day, breakfast. Institute starts at 0800 and is over at 1430 with lunch and other chore in between. John has asked me to prepare as many off topic lessons for the Institute as I have time for, what a blessing for me I am not sure how it will be for the students. With one instructor it is difficult to add anything to the day as you are plumb worn-out at the end of the day, with two you can get a little break and so do the students. I was assigned only one topic The Doctrine of the Church and that was 7 class hours which will become 12 by time I finished, the students know English reasonably well but not Chuck English. So we shall see what the Lord lays on my heart for these young men.     

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