News from Chuck Saturday 18th

Saturday 18, 1000 hours Malawi time. Up early 0600 made coffee and went back to bedroom to start the day with good oral hygiene  and bible study at 0600 Escom went out but the coffee was done, PTL, with Escom out hot water is the next to go so I jumped in the shower, had to fight with Jonathan and Liz for my priority in this family. We were to go to the valley today as the car is in the shop and will stay there till the new battery is refitted so  the hood will close without touching the  + and – post, so hard to put out an electrical fire.

We were on the road, if it can be called a road, for about 5 hours picking up and delivering  pastors to bible conference, as you know it is not a mile but hours you measure for distance. By time we got home the water was off so it was a bucket bath but I didn’t care it felt good. Darcy made wonderful pizza for dinner and we watched John Wayne dvd’s and I was in bed at half eight.

I am spending the morning praying my bag arrives at the airport and when I am not doing that I am preparing for class Monday. I am very excited about preaching at Bible Way Sunday and I know Rackson is also.

John just came in and said we have Escom so hot coffee is in my plans. More later

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