Here We Go Again!

Don’t pay the ransom I have escaped and am doing well in Pace, that’s just my way of saying welcome back to the blog. I have been away from it for far too long and am ready to pick up where we left off and I hope you are also.
For the past 18 months I have been busy helping Bro. John Fullford who is in Malawi and has started a Bible Institute. He asked our help with the curriculum and the training syllabuses. Trust me on this it was no easy task. The institute is up and running and doing very well. It is a yearlong intensive study of all bible doctrines and when the students graduate they will be ready to pastor a waiting church. This is a first for the native Christian and I am very excited to be a part of the work no matter how small.
I will be leaving for Malawi on the 13th of August and will be sending back reports of what and how the Lord is using me.  I will be teaching the bible doctrine of the church, preaching and teaching in the area churches that Bro. John has lined up and of course I will be spending time at Bible Way Baptist Church in the village of Njuli, kinda my home church.
Rackson has lots of places for soul winning and I can’t wait to be with him and see the family again. I hope to have enough money for at least two showings of the “Jesus film” this is a wonderful tool for reaching people for Christ.
I am not sure of the communications by satellite for computers, they have internet service in Malawi but it is slow and undependable, I am not sure about sending pictures but I will try along with written accounts of our goings on. Please continue to pray for me and the Fullford's who will be hosting me while in country. See their blog also and I know Sheila will post their letters to their supporting and sending church.
Please keep Sheila in your prayers she has the hard part of staying back and taking care of the home front and spending a lot of time alone while I will be busy and have lots of people to interact with, people I love and who love me. God is good and He is good always. More later.

Because of the Cross,
Bro. Chuck

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