Monday August 13th

        I think we will call this a MONDAY!
The car is loaded and we are off to the airport!  Checked in online and all looks good!  Did I say ALL looks good.  Chuck were did you go?  It is only security!  20 minutes later you appear to let me know the desktop computer in your carry on caused concern.  I think it was your PPD friend put in a good word.  Well you are off!  As I drag myself out of the airport and get a text from you.
  The texts start coming:  Bye, see you, be good, walk three miles (what does he know if I walk three miles). Thirty minutes go by and I have already made a mess in the kitchen sink, next text: we haven't left will I make my connecting flight- when is the next flight- they are going back to the gate- (sheila, I am on my way to get you)- okay we are taking off- will I make connecting.  Chuck- the door is broke we can't get out of plane.  Are you serious?  really?  Okay they have re-routed me through Lagos.  Sheila - where is Lagos? are you going to Johannesburg?  I guess he will want me to drive to Atlanta to get him!
  We are leaving talk to you in South Africa.  Three days till I hear from him! Yikes!

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