Good evening!

October 17, 2013
5:50 p.m.
My first full day in Malawi and it was full.
Up early and had a good meal to start the day, the coffee was hot and plentiful. After bible study and prayer Rackson and I left the house and went to Limbe to see Mr. Patel.
We left Patel’s around 10:00 a.m. after much talk and a cold water. He gave me great admonition on my personal safety and was worried about me staying on the local economy and tips to keep safe. He invited Rackson and me to a big shin dig on the 26th, Fireworks, food booths, entertainment and a dinner after words, He is a great friend to have in a country such as Malawi.
Drove to Blantyre and met with the lawyer who will do the work on our church registration. We waited about 20 minutes and was told the man was busy. We left and went to Shoprite and game to get some things I needed here at the house. Just as we pulled in the lawyer called and ask if we could see him then so we turned around and headed back. When we got there the place sounded like a revival. The owner is a Pentecostal and was preaching to the staff, after waiting about 30 minutes we decided to go eat so we left. Went down the street about 6 blocks to a place that makes a great pizza, we split a large and had a bottle of water each, went back to the lawyers and Rackson explained he was unhappy about the wasted time and if God called you to preach then preach but if He called you to be a lawyer then be a lawyer after all we are paying $500.00 to register with state so to speak. Rackson was in the office for about 5 minutes and came back out and was all smiles. We got the provisional certificate and was told by the owner that he would have the judge sign it and he would take the paper work to Lilongwe himself and once there it would change from Bible Way Baptist Ministries Limited to Bible Way Baptist Ministries. We got the certificate for less than $400.00 for causing Rackson “much trouble” no wonder the kid was smiling.
Next we went shopping and found we both forgot our lists, the one for me and the one Grace gave to Rackson, bad day starting. We got a mirror for the bathroom so I can shave without cutting my throat. Also a little stand for my toiletries, waste baskets, Table and chairs so we have a place to sit and eat, a French coffee press for dad, bathroom mat and non-skid mats for the tub. Also got a new two burner electric hot plate for cooking as the other one which also had two burned out one of the plates so it was hard to cook and boil water for the showers in the morning at the same time. Tomorrow we will pick a geezer (water heater) so we can have a hot shower sans the bucket.
Rackson saved enough money shopping today that he will be able to buy a small generator to use for the showing of the “Jesus Film” as soon as we can get a DVD player and a projector and a small sound system but we are ahead of the game now with the generator. Less work for me and Sheila trying to raise money for this kid. I spent a lot of time in the Lorry and many people came up to the window to talk or hock their wears to the white guy and I was pleased talk and pass out tracts.
We finally headed for home and family and a meal to which I am ready. Tomorrow is another full day for church business and visiting other missionaries in the area, more later.

Bro. Chuck               

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