October 18th

October 18, 2013
9:20 pm.
Ah, another great day in Malawi full of warm sun and light breezes and roads only a crazy man would hope to transverse.
Rackson still had a lot of housekeeping duties to complete before the work begins this coming Sunday. To tell the truth I am glad as I can get a lot of the materials ready now that I know what the schedule is and what will be required of me.
The afternoon bible study class topic will be “sound Doctrine” and the 3 day bible conference will be “The Church” I taught that subject at the bible college last year when I was here working with John Fullford so I thought that would be a good topic for all the visiting Pastors and Deacons and anyone else who might be inclined to drop in. Sound Doctrine is much needed here as there are “Christians” of every kind and type in Malawi plus a ton of Muslims.
Rackson has done a very good job of teaching and training at Njuli and sometime soon they will select a pastor to lead them. Njuli is sound in all doctrinal practices and that comes from a lot of discipleship training. I brought over with me way more material than I could ever present in a month but Rackson will carry on after I leave.
There is so much to do in the work of the Lord and I can hardly wait to get started. I know the Spirit has gone before and prepared the hearts of the people and all I have to offer is a clear Gospel message and the Lord will add to the church such as will be saved.
Grace and Rackson both have been most gracious in my care and well-being. They go out of their way to prepare meals that are just plain good, I get a little traditional mixed with things they know I will enjoy as if I were home, her chicken is the best I have ever had and that is saying something. I think I can learn to like nsima and relish and I am teaching Grace how to use the left overs by frying it in the grease of my morning breakfast. Tomorrow I will see how it goes. Speaking of tomorrow Rackson and I will be meeting with Dave Mowery to see what we can do together for both ministries while I am here; he has been very good to Bible Way while John and I have been gone. He is also with Bible Baptist African Ministries working with the Fullfords and Mrs. Sharon Goodman they are true missionaries whose hearts are the Lords.
In closing please know how good our God is and how much we have to be thankful for. When we got home this evening Grace was cooking supper and I went to wash up—no water and with about 70% of the meal cooked the Escom went out, we had a grand meal by candle light. I got up to wash my hands after the meal and low and behold the water was on so I came back to tell them and finish my meal. About an hour later while talking with Rackson the lights came on and we were able then to heat water for our buckets showers and I am telling you life is good.
Time for study and off to bed looking forward to the next adventure.
Bro. Chuck

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