I have arrived! Thank you God for safe travel

It was a very good plane ride from Jo’burg to here and I got both bags and cleared customs without a problem. Was met by Rackson, Grace and Dave. We went to Dave’s home and had a bite to eat and I gave him his  stuff for which they were very happy. Got home here and the signs were up saying welcome home dad. My room is excellent and has its own bath only no water today. I took a lot of pictures and as soon as we get a wifi setup I will send. Using a portable hot spot now but we have to keep feeding it to stay on line. Tomorrow is a busy day doing business down town like seeing Patel and buying needed things. I am so glad I am staying here and I have Johns lorry for as long as I need it so transport is not a problem. Dave wants me to house sit for five days while he and the family take a in country vacation. I am about to have a nsima dinner and I am off to bed. Rackson has talked my ear of about the church.
Pal in Pace

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