Let the adventure begin!

And let the adventure begin, Malawi that is.
Left Pensacola on time right at 10:55am but not before I had a full body scan by hand as no matter what I did or didn’t do I set off the bells so I was taken into that little room we all fear. Carry-on seemed to go through well and I hope to see it in Johannesburg, SA.  (it was the eyeglass cleaner, they are wrapped in aluminum foil). After a brief stopover at Charlotte to pick up fellow travelers we were on our way to Washington, DC.
Got in early to DC and had time to eat at Harry’s Pub and eatery.  My guess, travelers have a lot of money to spend at Harry’s as a grilled cheese cost $10.00 and a fruit bowl was $5.00 but the tap water was free. I was told by SA Air that my bags would not be shipped to Blantyre, Malawi but I would have to pick them up in J’burg and recheck them in, life can be hard sometimes.   

Plane took off on time and I know my bags were aboard ‘cause I have faith. It was a loooong eight hours to Senegal W. Africa with a crew change and a good cleaning of and spray down to combat illness but I could not breathe for about 20 minutes but I am sure my lungs are safe. Watched two bad movies and read a fair novel and bent my neck in new and useless shapes.
About an hour out of J’burg it was time for lunch but my body clock said it was time for breakfast, it was fish for lunch and I had to pass or barf. The weather in J’burg was warm and bright when we landed.   We got in about 30 minutes early. I cleared passport and customs in record time and went to the baggage information kiosk and was told all I need do is check in early in the a.m. and show my claim tickets and they will put them on the plane to Blantyre, no muss no fuss, hey life can be good.
Got the transport to the Air Port Grand Hotel and was checked in and in the shower 45 minutes after the plane landed never been that easy before but tomorrow is a new day and the Lord might have an adventure for me. Oh boy did I ever forget that smell on public transport but I remember now.
Had a great dinner but mid-way through I was too tired to eat it all and came back to the room and I am in the process of turning the bed down.
More Later, please keep me in your prayers our God is so good and I look forward to telling as many people as who are willing to listen. Good night   

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