Good Morning!

Well I had a very good night’s sleep and was up at 5:30 to a knock at the door by my son letting me know the coffee was ready and it was, he had it all poured and ready for dad. Grace fixed a great breakfast of Bacon & eggs with toast and of course hot coffee, then we had bible study and I got a bucket shower as they only have cold water we had to heat some for dad. Had a great meal last night of rice and goat meat, Grace is a very good cook and she loves cooking with the cookware we got her last year.
We have a busy day planed, first see Mr. Patel then we see the lawyer to register the church, we learned you must be a ministry and not just a church or you cannot get tax breaks as the gov. figures a church does not need transport but a ministry does kind of makes sense and that is why we have to register.

Then we need to go to shoprite (grocery store) and get some things I need to live here and a few things they need for the house. I gave Rackson all the money told him to do with it as needed for home and church and the work we have to do for teaching.
What a blessing having the lorry to use, John told Dave to tell me I was to have Rackson do the driving (thanks Harry) as he had rode with me before. WE have much work to do on the translating of the bible lessons as some words have no equivalent so I will have to explain the word so Rackson can find a local word to use. Example is in like 2 Samuel 20:15 David “waxed faint” ain’t no Malawi word or words for that concept but they will under “was very tired” so it is things like that that will have to be worked out. I’m loving it.

Getting dressed and ready to leave to start the day.

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