Thursday October 24, 2013

More adventures in Malawi
I do not know when the wind stopped blowing last night but I do know it left a fine coating of grit over everything in my room and the rest of the house as well. A hot shower and a cup of hot coffee and I was happy to start the new day the Lord blessed us with.
With breakfast out of the way we begin packing up for the ride to Bible Way. The roads were clear but still hard to drive on with all the ruts and bumps. We got to the new road the Japanese built last year and were making good time. I knew we had to stop along the way to pick up students but the first stop at a road side stand put a little cloud over my day.  We were picking up our lunch meat for the day. I am so glad Paul instituted the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy about meats and such like. 
I’ll bet you thought someone else thought of that. When we got to church after picking up students we milled about smartly till it was time to start. Rackson welcomes everyone and also visitors and guest. Not everyone who attended was a member of Bible Way nor were they all leaders in the church, it was open to all. Class started at 0930 and went to 1230 with breaks every 55 minutes. During the last session it began to rain and I mean rain I looked to see if the animals were going two by two for an Ark. It was lunch time and we could not leave the building to go where the food was prepared and ready to eat, and to tell you the truth after the morning stop I did not mind waiting. The rain let up after about 45 minutes and we men went to a house close by and had a fine meal of nsima and goat (don’t ask-don’t tell) and talked about manly things. It started to rain so we hurried back to class and picked up where I left off continuing with Paul’s instruction on church doctrine to the Ephesians. I have to stop at 3:30 and get everyone out and on their way home as the rain had slackened up for a while. It was a great class and the students seems to really grasp the ideas presented in the scriptures-“The church is the body of Christ and he is the head of the body the church” with that established we will move on next scheduled class.
Tomorrow Lord willing we will go soul winning with the hopes of planting a church in Mbulumbuzi.
Good night and God bless you.
Bro. Chuck
From Malawi    

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