Monday October 21, 2013

 As I bring the day to a close I have had a little time to reflect on the goodness of God. The end of the day has been a real pleasure after the long hot afternoon out in the village of Bulabuzi (or something like that) got home and took a wonderful hot bucket bath received a phone call from Sheila and Grace fixed an outstanding meal of nsima, relish, boiled potatoes, tomatoes and a piece of chicken, the meals are slowly becoming more native and I think I am OK with that. God has given us a great day and I will share it with you.
I slept late this morning as I have a fever and sore throat and really felt poorly. Rackson hit the door at 0630 and it was all go from there. Had a good breakfast and it was off to town for business of the church and personal things that needed doing.  First we went to Blantyre to buy Escom for the house then off to TNM to get Rackson’s phone repaired, over to Limbe to see what the rate is for the exchange of dollars to Kwacha. Rackson knew a man who knew a man….and we got 420 K to the dollar which is outstanding to say the least, He was one happy young man. On a lark we turned into a used car lot you know just to look. Came across a 2003 Mazda 15 passenger van in great shape, low miles (100K) Gas engine with automatic transmission but more importantly it has not been registered which means it has never been driven in Malawi. The price is right in line with what he has to spend and he will have a mechanic friend check it out and he will go from there. Sometimes Larks aren’t Larks me thinks. We were running late so we got some kind of meat filled  roll from a street vendor and headed home just in time to wash up and be to Njuli to pick up the soul winning team and head for the village.
When we arrived at the village Rackson split  the team into small groups and sent them out. He and I went to visit the Chief and talk about planting a church there in the near future. We walked about half a mile to her house and requested an audience. After a few minutes wait she came out and greeted us as if we were old friends. She brought out a bench for all of us to sit on and got down to business.  She had a lot of questions about Baptists but said we could visit the people as we liked. We told her a little about what Baptists believe and she got excited and asked if we would come back Sunday as she would have the village assembled at 3:00pm and we should preach to her people. There are a lot of churches in the village but she is not happy with what they preach. She is CCP but doesn’t understand about salvation and wants to know more. She is not at all sure about the Roman Catholics or the Jehovah witness and really distains the Muslims. She explains the predicament because a long time ago she allowed beer joint on village property and the government now says she has to let churches in. She now knows that churches are better than beer joints but a little late. When asked if she would give us some property she said she didn’t think so as that meant she would have to take someone’s property to give to us and that would not be what a good Chief does and I agreed. She did say she would look around and see if some land was for sale and help us there, that works for me. She told us to go visit the local TA (Tribal Authority) and let him know what we were going to do. I know him from dealings for Bible Way, Njuli. God is good.
We were off then to do a little soul winning with what time we had left. The first place we came to a little old lady came out and stopped us and asked who we were. We told her who and what we were doing and she said please tell her about Jesus, as were starting a young man overheard us and grabbed and said “I am not a Christian and not saved and you must tell me what I do. Come to my house now and I have a friend there and he is not saved. Well we started to go and the lady said “what about me” we told her we would come back as soon as we could. When we got to his home his friend was there and I preached them Jesus Christ Crucified. We were there about 40 minutes and both men confessed Christ as their Lord and Saviour. After a few tears of joy we left after inviting to Njuli and to the preaching Sunday afternoon at the Chief’s house. They said they would be there and would be pleased to help get the word out that we were coming. Unbelievable is all I can say, why God sent me to Malawi and why I met this man and his friend is so unsearchable on its face, who am I? Rackson and I went back to the lady’s home and she had invited five of her friends over and we preached the Gospel to them and as soon as they heard about the gift God had offered they said they wanted it and also confessed Christ and prayed, after more tears of joy we departed and met the team at the lorry and they reported 23 professions from there preaching and teaching. God added 30 souls to the kingdom and now Satan has 30 less children and we have a good start on a little church. We will be going back this Wednesday for more soul winning and teaching and then back Sunday. I am afraid to go to sleep tonight for fear of what glories God has in store for tomorrow.
More when it happens. Tell your friends to checkout he blog.
Bro. Chuck

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Praising the Lord for the soul added to his kingdom! Bless you and all who diligently pursue the Lord's will and work. Praying for your safety and health. -Debbie R.