Sunday The Lord's Day

Sunday, October 20, 2013
Njuli, Malawi

I woke up early this morning around 0500 due to noise outside my window. As I lay there trying to figure out what it was I got worried and had to get up and see, what I saw was the night guard sweeping the compound before he got off duty, if you are going to work for Rackson you are going to work. I could not go back to sleep so I got up made my bed and made some coffee. The kitchen is right off the bedroom and as I stepped out I ran in to Rackson’s brother who was cleaning the kitchen. If you are going to work for Grace you are going to work.
We left for Bible Way about 0930 and drove over as bad of road as you would care to see. To think Rackson, Grace and the kids have had to walk that far to church is overwhelming to me, if a person ever needed transport for the ministry it is Rackson.
Church went very well and we had a very good attendance. I would guest-a-mate 200 plus down a little but the singing was loud and long, these people love singing praise to the Lord. Bible Way has 3 choirs and I think there is a little competition.
Rackson taught bible class and I have the privilege to preach. I felt like I was at home and ran a little long but I have good teacher. I do not know how to express it but Bible Way Baptist Church, Njuli, IS an independent Baptist Church and thank God it is doctrinally sound.
My hosts are going to kill me with kindness when we got home from church Grace had ready a fine meal of chicken, chips (fries) cabbage, beans and of course Nsima. I don’t see much chance of dropping a few pounds while living here.
Tomorrow we are off to a place Njuli wants to plant a church, right in the middle of the Roman Catholics, Muslims and the Jehovah witness. Rackson says the Chief does not like the JWs and wants a Baptist church. Rackson says he THINKS it is safe to go there tomorrow so we are going. I can’t spell the name of the village but it something like Mulubouza, there may be a lot more letters or a few less but I will ask Bro. Rackson to give me a correct spelling so in case I get killed you can tell people where it happened.
Please continue to pray for the work here. God’s grace is abundant and evident .

Bro. Chuck    


Unknown said...

I really enjoy reading your blog! God bless you, Rackson and everyone doing the Lord's work in Malawi. Praying for your continued safety and health. - Debbie Reble

Unknown said...

Hello Brother Chuck! I am enjoying reading your blog and pray that you and all are well. Thank you for all the work that you, Rackson and others are doing in Malawi! Blessings! -Debbie