Coming to America

I spoke to Chuck and Rackson on Sunday night at 9pm our time, they were heading out at 3am their time for the trip to Lilongwe to the Embassy. Rackson has practiced and practiced what he is going to say so he isn't so nervous!!! I think the excitement of coming to America is to much for the young man! We get that way when we travel to a new place, however I think about what this means to a young man that has always lived in poverty and knows the village life. Rackson has done so well with the Bible teaching and it shows in his heart how much the Lord means to him! Chuck has remarked it took him till he was 64 years old to have a kid and what a kid he is! We are so proud of Rackson and his walk with the Lord!
3 am Rackson calls to tell Mum she can go to sleep now! I told him I was going to pray all night for their safety and for the papers! He was right I fell asleep right after I hung up and said THANK YOU LORD! Praises! for the wonderful ways he gives us so much. This was meant for Rackson and not just what we want for him! We are excited to see what the Lord has in store while Rackson is here!
Off to pack so more! I think I should think about where I will put my clothes!