Sunday October 27, 2013

Njuli, Malawi, C. Africa
  Oh what a great day the Lord has provided first at BWBM, Njuli and in the afternoon at the village of Mbulumbuzi, seven miles from Njuli.

Sunday morning service attendance was down a little, I am not sure we hit 200 but the singing, which I videoed and will show when I get back home, was most exuberant you might not believe this but I found my foot tapping to the beat. Rackson taught a good lesson from Colossians 3:1-6 and we are coordinating the teaching on the Doctrine of the Church. As I was listening I knew where he was going but I was fascinated by how a Malawian frames a question and then arrives at the answer. Now I know why they have problems translating speech and written English (American) it’s a whole different language. Duh!! When it was my time I brought a lesson titled “God knows your name” and started with Adam and ran it all the way to the NAME of Jesus and the power in that name. At the conclusion of the invitation many came forward for prayer and one young lady confessed the name of Christ and asked to be saved and become a member of the church at Njuli. She was from another village but was living in Njuli now. She has been visiting the church for a few weeks. What a blessing to have her as a sister in Christ.   
It was announced that we would be going to Mbulumbuzi at 3:00 pm. and we would be picking up the choir at the church by 2:30 pm. half the church wanted to go and help be a part of the program.
It was heart breaking to tell them there was no room in the lorry for all of them but a few; the choir, the church leaders and a few young men to help with passing out tracts. Rackson and the family left for home about 12:20pm to have lunch which Grace prepared before we left in the morning.  We had a few minutes of rest and it was back in the lorry and off to pick up those who were going for the afternoon service.

We arrived right on time, which is unusual in Malawi, to a very few people. Of course I went into panic mode because I am an American. Rackson told me to chill out it would all come together and it did come together, love that boy.  The choir started singing and really put out a joyful noise to the Lord. The young men went in the highways and the byways passing out tracts and pointing the way to the service. In about 15 minutes the court yard of the Chiefs house was filling up and we had to bring out more mats for the people to sit on. As I looked out I saw faces of members of Bible Way; they had walked from Njuli to be there. I don’t know why I should be surprised it is only seven miles one way. Our God is great. Trust me we made room for them on the way back. After much singing and speech making by the assistant Chief we got started. I had a lesson prepared that I had been working on for the last week but when I got up this Sunday morning I just could not find peace in that message. I told Rackson I didn’t know what I was going to preach so be ready for anything. While preaching the morning Njuli service the Spirit made clear that that message with a few changes was what the people of Mbulumbuzi needed to hear and I was at peace for sure. When the invitation was given, many came forward and after a few words and prayers from Rackson and the leading men of Bible Way it was reported 19 souls were added to the church. There were a lot of young people who also made their confession and they will be further discipled starting Monday. The people said they wanted to have a church planted in the village and that is what we will do with the help of the Chief and the Traditional Authority (TA). We met with him after service and made an appointment to meet formally this coming Wednesday afternoon. After much singing, praying and a few tears we packed up everyone who came plus a few more and headed home before dark. There was much excitement in the church and the new Christians were invited to the 3 day annual conference starting this next Friday through Sunday. With the addition of the 19 to the other approximately 70 new babes in Christ we will have a good start on a church, the only one in this region and one that will have a tough time due to all the other denominations who will loathe the truth being taught.

We got home after sundown and I was almost too tired to eat but Grace forced some nsima and beef down my throat along with cold water, it was good to just sit. After a hot shower and a short conversation with my bride it is off to bed. Standing in the in the sun and all those many miles of travel on some hard roads will take the starch out of your sails.

Before bed time we talked about getting these new babes Baptized soon. I asked Rackson how we were going to do that and did some other building have a baptistery we could use?  He said no, Bible Way had the only baptistery and our well was not working due to the thieves steeling some of the parts to sell on the black-market. This has happened twice so the Chief of Njuli said he would not ask to have it fixed again and the village people could go without easy access to water but walk to the river and carry it back.  That’s OK for the village but I would like to have the well for the church so we do not have to Baptize in the river. Rackson has talked about this with the men of the church and assures me that if fixed again the church would only use the well on Sundays or special days like meetings or most importantly for Baptisms and then take the parts the thieves would take and take the parts home for safe keeping. I told Rackson that that expense was not in the budget for this trip but I would put the plea out in the blog. The replacement parts are few; the rods that are used to create the suction to draw the water up and into the pump portion and then out to the buckets. The most expensive part was not taken and that is the pump handle. To purchase and have installed by a professional “bore hole man” will run $250.00 but I will need $300.00 sent due to the loss in exchange of currency. I would ask you to think of your next glass of clean water and how good it is and then think if you had to walk a mile to get it, feel bad now? See if you can help. Contact my wife Sheila on the blog or send a check to Bible Way Baptist Church PO. Box 812, Milton, FL 32572 and in the memo section put “Njuli Well” The Njuli church will thank you. 

All for now

Yours in the Faith
Bro. Chuck eater of dust    

Friday October 25th, 2013

Malawi, C. Africa
9:30 pm.
  The day started as well as can be expected for being the third day without running water. My first thought was I was grateful for the “Living water” I was going to share later on in the afternoon. Grace was up first and my water for coffee was ready when I stepped out of the bedroom.
Soon after breakfast Dave Mowery of the Bible Baptist African Ministries called and asked for an assist, he need a LARGE LPG container exchanged and was not feeling up to it. Dave lives an hour from here but the roads are not too bad so off we went. When we got there it took Dave and his sons to get that bad boy on the lorry. It was another 30 minutes to get to town and find the place called Mr. Gasman’s, (how cute).
We made the exchange except this time only one guy did the moving of the LPG cylinder; he rolled it out and lifted it onto the lorry. Rackson was paying the bill and getting the receipt so I took the time to talk with this guy. This guy was the same height as I but had me by about 20 pounds and no fat on this boy. I ask him where he went to church and he told me he was Catholic but had just moved to Blantyre. He knew where Njuli was and I invited him to church Sunday. He said if he didn’t have to work he would like to visit but if not this week then next. I gave him some tracts and thought about punching him on the arm as friends do but thought better of it. Momma didn’t raise no fools.
Next it was off to Limbe to see the lawyer and check the progress of our certification. After a rather long wait Rackson was called in and after a few minutes he came back out and told me it was in the works and would be signed by the judge soon. Rackson will stop by many more times before it is completed as that is the Malawian way. We called Boneface and ask if he would bring a few trinkets for me to see as after all I am a tourist. When he got there we looked them over but Rackson said he would think about the price and get back to him. I am spending his money after all.
We went to the bad side of town to check the price to have seats put in the van and knew we would get a high price because I was there.  I did not see much difference in the bad side of town from where we had been with the exception of there is many road side shops and the traffic was awful.
I am not a mathematician but I do know logarithms, law of probabilities, statistics and the randomness of the universe so while sitting in a massive traffic tie-up it occurred to me and the numbers I ran on my cell phone calculator “there should not be anyone who drives in Malawi alive past the year 1997” go figure.
This man is known as the pied piper
When we got home from Dave’s we were running late, Grace was unhappy and I was already exhausted, it was boiled eggs, cheese and bread for lunch then off to pick up the team for soul winning. We then headed for Mbulumbuzi to canvas as much of the village as we could and invite them all too church service at 3pm Sunday.  We had Prayer and thanksgiving for all the blessings of the day and asked God to send His Spirit before us and prepare the hearts of the people. The prayer is always for just one soul to hear and believe. As were walking the trails to the home we met with lots of villagers and were passing out tracts and inviting people to service, many were reluctant to take the tracts and really didn’t want much to do with us, (this was new to me as I am so loveable most people can’t wait to talk to). Rackson was told they thought we were the Jehovah Witness and wanted nothing to do with us. After we told them we were Baptist things went swimmingly. This happened every time we met or talked with someone. I asked them “am I wearing a tie?” they got it; it was good for a laugh and a nice ice breaker.
One of the first houses we stopped at was a Muslim woman and I was not connecting well from the get go, Rackson took over and spent a good deal of time answering her and showing her in the bible about the Lord and the difference between what she had been taught and the bible. He prayed with her and she accepted the Lord and asked if he would talk with her husband as there were problems in the family.
As we were walking we came across some young boy playing and they all had cups they were carrying as we went past Rackson asked to see what was in the cups, the kids weren’t playing they were digging grubs for their evening meal (again, don’t ask, don’t tell).
Rackson and Bosco
We all met back at the Chief’s house and reported out on the power of the Word. Many, many homes and persons were invited to come and worship with us and 54 souls were added to the kingdom this afternoon. We had to leave and drop everyone off before dark and then Rackson and I came home washed up and it was off to see the man about the van seats-he would make them and have them ready for installation on the coming Monday at noon, it must have been a good price as Rackson said yes and we were off to the house, late dinner and for me BED.
God has been good to the ministry and I see a new church being planted, please pray for me and Rackson for this Sunday, it is a lot of pressure and I am fearful about preaching the word of God to so many for their first time and not presenting well.  I want to lift up Christ, only He can draw all men to Him. I don’t have the power and I for sure need prayer.
Good night from Malawi.
Your Servant,
Teens from village for soul winning
Bro. Chuck the dusty

Thursday October 24, 2013

More adventures in Malawi
I do not know when the wind stopped blowing last night but I do know it left a fine coating of grit over everything in my room and the rest of the house as well. A hot shower and a cup of hot coffee and I was happy to start the new day the Lord blessed us with.
With breakfast out of the way we begin packing up for the ride to Bible Way. The roads were clear but still hard to drive on with all the ruts and bumps. We got to the new road the Japanese built last year and were making good time. I knew we had to stop along the way to pick up students but the first stop at a road side stand put a little cloud over my day.  We were picking up our lunch meat for the day. I am so glad Paul instituted the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy about meats and such like. 
I’ll bet you thought someone else thought of that. When we got to church after picking up students we milled about smartly till it was time to start. Rackson welcomes everyone and also visitors and guest. Not everyone who attended was a member of Bible Way nor were they all leaders in the church, it was open to all. Class started at 0930 and went to 1230 with breaks every 55 minutes. During the last session it began to rain and I mean rain I looked to see if the animals were going two by two for an Ark. It was lunch time and we could not leave the building to go where the food was prepared and ready to eat, and to tell you the truth after the morning stop I did not mind waiting. The rain let up after about 45 minutes and we men went to a house close by and had a fine meal of nsima and goat (don’t ask-don’t tell) and talked about manly things. It started to rain so we hurried back to class and picked up where I left off continuing with Paul’s instruction on church doctrine to the Ephesians. I have to stop at 3:30 and get everyone out and on their way home as the rain had slackened up for a while. It was a great class and the students seems to really grasp the ideas presented in the scriptures-“The church is the body of Christ and he is the head of the body the church” with that established we will move on next scheduled class.
Tomorrow Lord willing we will go soul winning with the hopes of planting a church in Mbulumbuzi.
Good night and God bless you.
Bro. Chuck
From Malawi    

The logo and pictures of Ministry van

 We saved enough money to pay for insurance registering and seats! Praise the LORD!