Answered Prayer!

What a wonderful Christmas gift, a letter and pictures of the power of our God to answered prayers and supply our needs. I do not need to add anything to Rackson’s letter it says it all and much better than I because I can’t type with all the tears of joy. One hector of land is 2.47 acre. The man who header up the work on the borehole restoration is Deacon Gray7207. He is also the person who was the prime move on the construction of Bible Way, Njuli. He did all that work at the cost of a bicycle as that is what he needed to visit all the people who at that time were prospective members of the church. Deacon Collins is in the blue shirt with the red strip on the sleeve.7193

Bro. Chuck  

Dear Dad hope you are doing fine with Mom,
Please Dad send my thanks to those they helped with the money to fix the borehole, it’s very big Christmas gift to us this year, please on behalf of the Bible Way Baptist Church in Njuli I also want to thank the kids form Junior Church at Bible Way Baptist Church Milton Fl, for knowing that we are In a big problem for the water in the church and the village around the church, and take part to help us, God will Bless them much.
As we have water now things it’s going to be well with us, as we have  more than 40 people waiting to be Baptized and very soon we are going to have the baptism in our church oo!! PRAISE GOD.
Dad the Ministry is going very good here, as more people get saved.
We are still praying for the land at Mulumbuzi ( 1 hector of land, $1,700 to have the land and temporary church. Hope you have the other list for the Ministry Needs,
Thank you very much and have wonderful MARRY CHRISTMAS. When you Enjoy Christmas remember Malawi, we are Just happy to have borehole fixed, God have blessed us.
God Bless you Dad.
Your Son from Malawi.                  

Rackson Kaiwe
Bible Way Baptist Ministry
Philip 4:19